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4 Big Technology Trends of the Future, by Dominic Gallello

I'm often asked what is the soul of MSC?  What goes into making great products that satisfy our users? I have to say the next 10 years will be amazing, especially in 4 areas. New Materials: For lighter, stronger, faster, cost efficient, and simply cooler products. Generative Design: Math generates optimal shapes not just for …


Simulation Paves the Way for a New Autonomous Testing Era

Right now, we simulate the car and leave the driving to the human. The transition to do both by a machine is a significant shift of the paradigm. The simulation has to be extended and has to predict the behavior of the vehicle, as well as react to changes in the environment. To predict certainty …


MSC Acquisition- A Letter From President & CEO, Dominic Gallello

On February 2nd, 2017, MSC Software signed an agreement to be acquired by Hexagon AB. The transaction is expected to be finalized within the next 3 months. We are excited to share this news with you as we believe it is in the long term best interest of MSC’ s customers and employees. Hexagon Manufacturing …