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Patran Fields

Fields in Patran are used whenever you need to define variable (non-constant) data. Applications include material properties, element properties, or load variations as a function of time, frequency, or spatial position. Fields are also helpful to map results between dissimilar meshes. Practical uses are briefly described below.


Global Adaptive Meshing In Marc

Adaptive meshing is a simulation technique used to automatically remesh parts of a finite element model during the solution phase, based on certain criteria set at the start of the analysis. Adaptive meshing can be broadly classified into two types – global remeshing and local adaptivity. Global adaptive meshing is extremely useful for cases where ...

Piezoelectric Simulations With Marc

Piezoelectric sensor-actuator technology is often used in high-tech industries like medical, mechanical, automotive engineering and semiconductor markets. Applications of piezo-based ultrasonic sensors range from fuel injectors, flow-rate metering, ultrasonic welding, and high-resolution material testing to medical diagnostics. A piezoelectric finite element analysis involves computation of coupled stress and electric field in certain crystalline materials. In ...

Multi-Scale Simulations With Marc and Digimat

Composite materials of various types (unidirectional composites, short fiber reinforced plastics, nano-composites, ceramics, etc.) exhibit highly nonlinear, anisotropic, strain-rate and temperature dependent properties in mechanical, thermal and electrical fields. They often exhibit enhanced performance with respect to density as compared to traditional structural materials. However, simulating composite structures is complicated, and usually requires a micro-mechanical, ...