Determining the dynamic motion and loads of flight control surfaces


The lifecycle cost and reliability of flight control surfaces are critical aspects of fixed wing aircraft development. Physical prototype testing is used to validate and improve the performance of common control surfaces such as ailerons, elevators, rudders, spoilers, flaps, slats, and air brakes. Unfortunately such flight control systems have large loads that are difficult and expensive to determine via physical testing.

Computer simulation methods can be used to optimize each physical prototype and/or reduce the number of physical tests. On March 17, 2015, we are hosting an online presentation that discusses the use of Multibody Dynamic analysis, available in the Adams software package, to simulate the motion and loads of flight control surfaces. You are welcome to attend.

How can I register for the presentation?

Register today at this link.

What is Adams?

Adams is a Multibody Dynamics analysis application used to determine the forces, inertial loadings, motion, velocity, and accelerations of dynamic systems. Adams automatically formulates and solves the equations of motion for kinematic, static, quasi-static, or dynamic simulations.

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