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Multi-scale material modeling for additive manufacturing

While additive manufacturing of reinforced polymers is appealing and increasingly considered for production of actual parts, major obstacles must be overcome by engineers. Dimensional accuracy of the part must obey to strict tolerances that may not be met due to thermally induced part distortion or poor surface roughness. On the material side, an anisotropic material behavior is brought in by the specific 3D printed layered architecture and oriented reinforcements. This process-induced material behavior make the part mechanical response challenging to predict.

Therefore, Digimat, the material modeling platform, can offer you a solution to overcome your challenges. 


Luk Innovates Manufacturing Processes through Forming Simulation

For more than 40 years, LuK has been synonymous with strength of innovation, customer focus, and quality for numerous products in the automotive drivetrain industry. LuK supplies customers around the world with systems and components, guaranteeing first-class technology, quality, and delivery standards. They meet customers’ requests with products that are tailored to the special requirements ...

Coupled Powertrain and Vehicle Analysis

Today's vehicle and powertrain engineers face increasing challenges to meet fuel economy and drive quality targets, while at the same time keep vehicle cost reasonable. Many of the new engine technologies designed to improve fuel economy create difficulties for the noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) engineer, whose job it is to assure a certain level of comfort for the occupants.


Marc Heat Transfer Analysis Helps Solve Tough Forging Problem

A leading producer of castings, ingots and forgings, Pilsen Steel, Pilsen, Czech Republic, recently experienced difficulties with ingots cracking in a forging operation. The company contracted with COMTES FHT to investigate and determine the root cause of the formation of longitudinal cracks on a diverse load of 34CrNiMo6 steel ingots in a forging operation. Previously ...

Process optimization through forming simulation

Uponor GmbH is a supplier of modern plastic pipe systems and is organized in different branches: panel heating and cooling, water, gas and compress air installations as well as piping for building services. It is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers in its sector today, with a distribution in more than 100 countries ...