Simulating Reality, Delivering Certainty


Optimum Design of a Steel Connection of a Glass Façade for a High Rise Building

The use of glass in the exterior facades provides more light and good ambience to the inhabitants of a building. In our case, this leads to a high increase of the use of glass in the facades. The curtain wall is formed by an aluminum framework with steel connections. These steel connections are welded to the building while steel beams and bolted to the aluminum frame.


Reducing the Product Development Time of a Rotary Cutter System Through Simulation

In the agricultural and heavy machinery industries, durability and strength are some of the most important indicators of quality. Maintaining high levels in these areas requires the application of many different tests and assessments to the end product. However, one of the most time-consuming parts of the production is the lengthy process of building physical prototypes, testing them for durability, then redesigning several parts and starting all over again. This process can significantly extend the time it takes to get a product to market. This was the case for John Deere Welland Works while developing a 20-foot rotary cutter system.


Schneider electric and Dupont – Stiffness of a Bracket in Reinforced PBT

Dupont Schneider electric and Dupont – Stiffness of a Bracket in Reinforced PBT   Customer: Schneider Electric Global specialist in energy management offerings integrated solutions for safe, efficient and reliable energy. Continuously exploring new technologies, developing new products and serving new markets.   Customer: Dupont Provider of wide range of innovative products and services for ...

Impact on a Beam

Rhodia Engineering Plastics is one of the largest suppliers for polyamide engineering plastics. They faced challenges in supporting their customers in the design of polyamide parts, taking into account the influence of fiber orientation for reinforced polyamide material, and providing the best material data possible to support simulation technologies.   SOLUTION • Calibration of a ...

Where’s the Dirt? – Use Realistic Material Loads in Adams

The world of heavy equipment is full of big machinery digging and moving dirt. Millions of tons of bulk material are moved every day by excavators, bull dozers, ploughs and trucks. The challenge faced by engineers who are designing such equipment is to understand how their machines will perform in the material environment they operate in. 


Optimizing Machine Quailifications with Simulation

Companies producing machinery are often asked to develop their products to accommodate faster operation times while increasing the reliability of the machine. However, a small design change can lead to issues in other areas. For example, when speed increases it often causes inertial loads and vibration, leading to earlier breakdowns. In the past at Kosme, a producer of a full range of turnkey filling, labeling, capping, packaging and conveying solutions for beverage products, engineers used hand calculations to estimate the performance of components and built physical prototypes to evaluate system performance. Problems were frequently discovered during the prototype stage. These problems often required many iterations of revisiting the design and modifying and re-testing the prototype.