SimAcademy Webinars – MSC Nastran


Question: Where can I find a list of SimAcademy Webinars for MSC Nastran?

Answer: Here is a list.

Article Webinar Title Presenter Webinar Date
WM2 Defining And Using Superelements In MSC Nastran And Patran Vivek Bhardwaj  10/15/2009
WM5 Perform Random Analysis Using MSC Random Mohan Barbela 8/20/2009
WM7 Learn About Optimization Using MSC Nastran And Patran Sanjay Patel 9/10/2009
WM11 Academic: Using MSC Nastran And Patran For FEA In Courses And Research Paul Kastle 11/19/2009
WM16 Nastran GPFORCE/Freebody Plots In Patran Huy Pham 11/12/2009
WM27 Generic Method For Summing Loads About An Arbitrary Point Using Nastran Monitor Points Dean Bellinger 1/28/2010
WM43 Pre-Stressed Normal Modes Analysis Using Patran And MSC Nastran Donald Christensen 2/18/2010
WM50 Introduction To MSC Flightloads for Doublet Lattice Aeroelastic Analysis Jack Castro 3/18/2010
WM53 Nastran Glued Contact: Leveraging MSC Nastran Technology To Expedite Mesh Assemblies And Integrate Global-Local Analysis Dominick Lauzon  12/3/2009
WM55 How to validate a CMS External Superelement Don Graff 3/25/2010
WM59 MSC Nastran Multipoint Constraint Equations (MPC and Rigid Element Applications) Glenn Grassi 5/13/2010
WM65 Simulate Composite Damage And Delamination Using Marc And MSC Nastran T.Kim Parnell 4/22/2010
WM73 Finite Element Analysis In Aircraft Structure Design Jim Swan, John Parady, and Hanson Chang  6/3/2010
WM79 FEA Model Checking Using Patran And  MSC Nastran John Parady  6/17/2010
WM85 MSC Nastran Performance Tips Mike Wong  7/1/2010
WM95 FSI Simulation Using MSC Nastran – SOL 700 Vijay Tunga 8/26/2010
WM96 A Review Of Splining For Aero-Structure Coupling In Aeroelastic Solutions Jack Castro 9/16/2010
WM98 Restart In Static, Dynamic And Non-Linear Analysis Using MSC Nastran Prafulla Kulkarni 9/2/2010
WM99 MD Nastran Thermal Enhancements Daniel Chu 9/23/2010
WM101 FRF, FBA And TPA Capability In MSC Nastran 2010 Vivek Bhardwaj  10/14/2010
WM102 An Introduction To Buckling Analysis Using MSC Nastran And MSC Patran Ananth Joisa 10/5/2010
WM103 MSC Nastran Multi-Physics Simulations Daniel Chu 10/28/2010
WM107 Academic: Flutter Analysis using MSC Nastran Dean Bellinger 2/10/2011
WM109 Topology Optimization Using MSC Nastran / Patran Sanjay Patel 2/15/2011
WM111 Shock Spectrum Analysis Mohan Barbela 3/10/2011
WM112 Academic: Integration of MSC PATRAN with CAD Packages Edwin Goei 3/17/2011
WM114 Interface Elements using MSC Nastran Huy Pham 3/24/2011
WM116 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis for University Course and Research Donald Christensen 5/5/2011
WM128 Restart in MSC Nastran Prafulla Kulkarni 8/17/2011
WM140 MSC Nastran Dynamics Solution Setup and Result Processing Using Patran Sanjay Patel 9/29/2011
WM144 An Introduction to Virtual Mass Analysis Using MSC Nastran Ananth Joisa 10/14/2011
WM147 MSC Nastran User Fatal Message 9050 – Excessive Pivot Ratios Huy Pham 11/1/2011
WM155 Model Checks for Dynamic Analysis Don Graff 2/2/2012
WM157 MSC Nastran – N is for Nonlinear as in SOL 400 Shekhar Kanetkar 3/1/2012
WM158 MSC Nastran Linear Buckling Jim He 3/15/2012
WM161 Flexible Body (.mnf) Generation And Verification Using Adams And MSC Nastran Sudhir Sampagaonkar 3/29/2012
WM164 Advanced Thermal Analysis in MSC Nastran using SOL400 Shekhar Kanetkar 4/26/2012
WM167 Use of Residual Vectors in Modal Solutions Don Graff 5/10/2012
WM172 MSC Nastran Exterior Acoustics Jim He 6/21/2012
WM190 Crack Propagation Fatigue Soumik Chakrabarty 7/12/2012
WM194 Introduction To Flight Loads Sanjay Patel 10/4/2012
WM195 Adaptive Time Stepping Procedures In Implicit Nonlinear Analysis Zhong Qin 10/18/2012
WM198 MSC Nastran EXO-6 Utility Dominic Lauzon 11/29/2012
WM199 Design Optimization Prafulla Kulkarni 12/6/2012
WM200 Sinda Visio Office Toolkit And Thermal Studio Shekhar Kanetkar 12/13/2012
WM205 Aeroelastic Response Analysis In MSC Nastran Dean Bellinger 3/14/2013
WM207 Composite Ply Stress Recovery in Frequency Response Mohan Barbela 3/28/2013
WM214 Beyond Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Raviraj Bhosale 5/9/2013
WM228 Introduction and Overview of MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue Mark Carlson 9/12/2013
WM229 Failure Analysis of Composite Structures Zhong Qin 9/26/2013
WM234 Body-to-Body Contact Checkout Tools Don Graff 12/12/2013

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