Staying Technologically Relevant in Simulation

Staying Technologically Relevant in Simulation

Jeff Graff, MSC’s VP of Global Tech Support & e-Learning sat down with us to share his thoughts on the importance of continuous education within the high-tech industry and how to stay on top of growing trends. 

Simulation professionals need to master new processes and tools, these are fundamentally transforming their profession. With the explosion in the amount of simulations, including new engineering methods that companies are predicting going forward, engineers simply have to become better prepared. Developing new skills helps us stay technologically relevant – there is so much value in education. It allows us to continue to create innovative solutions that change the world.

How can engineers stay up-to-date on growing trends and continue to learn new skills? In today's world, I think e-Learning is a great option. By learning at your pace, e-Learning is proven to increase knowledge retention by 25% to 60% (over typical instructor-led training). It is valuable to both employees and employers alike. e-Learning is a much more cost-effective and efficient way for companies to educate their employees. Corporate training alone is a $200 billion industry and growing. On-demand represents $56.2 billion of this, growing into a $107 billion market by 2015. It’s one of the fastest growing & promising markets in education industry. 

The MSC Learning Center’s e-Learning provides customers with an innovative and creative approach to instruction, where they can proceed through a training curriculum, at their own pace and at their own place. First and foremost, on-demand access to content at both foundation and advanced levels – with examples and video demonstrations, allow engineers to gain the most out of their investment in MSC Software. The benefits could be in the form of building and refining simulation models with accuracy and efficiency, automating modeling and simulation tasks, and discovering advanced modeling techniques, just to name a few! And the ability to continuously reference this content throughout the year or project lifecycle (as opposed to a “one and done” instructor-led course) is equally important. And last but not least, the employee can stay in the office and with no travel costs, thus further contributing to the value proposition from an expense reduction and convenience perspective!

MSC’S e-Learning is an efficient and effective training solution that:

  • Accommodates your Schedule without travel
  • Decreases cost & Increases access to training
  • Allows you to manage your own learning experience
  • Provides access to MSC experts and users via MSC communities
  • Delivers Course Completion and Certification Certificates

MSC’s on-Demand e-Learning is offered on a subscription basis. With the e-learning subscription, customers get access to all online training courses for the various software products such as: MSC Nastran, Adams, Marc, Patran, Easy5, Actran, Material Center, SimManager, MSC Apex and Adams toolkits, with courses being updated and added continuously throughout the year.

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