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Weight Reduction of an Engine Mount

Trelleborg is a global automotive supplier that offers sealing, damping, and protection solutions to the automotive industry. To reach their goal of complying with CO2 regulation, Trelleborg uses material modeling and simulation software.   Challenge To comply with CO2 regulations (2015: 130g   2020: 95g) To reduce the average weight of a car by 200 kg ...

Modeling a subject specific Knee model using rigid body dynamics

Biomedical Engineers are looking for a better way to simulate Biomechanics Simulation.  LeTourneau University turns to MD Adams to simulate a subject specific Knee model using rigid body dynamics.  The result from this research shows that the contact force on the Medial and Lateral Condyles showed similar trends between the MD Adams model and FEA ...

MSC Software and Smart Vehicle Concepts Center at the Ohio State University Collaborate on Key Projects on Improving Vehicle Performance

Ohio State's Smart Vehicle Concepts Center develop smart materials, adaptive sensors, actuators and devices for application to vehicle sub-systems and components.  They can revolutionize almost every aspect of the operation of a vehicle with the help of the powerful software provided by MSC Software. The National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on Smart Vehicle ...

MSC Patran Helps the Hospital for Special Surgery Examine Coonrad-Morrey Elbow Replacements

Are you a Biomedical Engineer that is looking for a cheaper faster way to test bio-compatible materials?  Well, Hospital for Special Surgery examined Coonrad-Morrey ulnar components and used MSC Patran for finite element (FE) analysis to determine the loads required to recreate the observed ulnar bushing deformation.   MSC Patran Helps the Hospital for Special ...

Virginia Tech and NASA Subsonic & Supersonic Fixed Wing Projects

If you guys are interested in the intricate design process of designing the aerodynamics of aircraft, particularly the design of the wing, check out this awesome, amazing article submitted to us from the ingenious researchers at NASA and the Unitized Structures Group at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Unitized Structures Group at Virginia ...

Patran Validates Cornell University’s Violet Spacecraft’s Thermal Requirements

Hey guys check it out!  Cornell University created Violet Spacecraft, the first operational agile nanosatellite with eight Control Moment Gyroscopes.  They utilize Patran to accurately predict and design for extreme component and enviromental temperature. The Violet Satellite, under development at Cornell University, is the first operational agile nanosatellite. It utilizes eight Control Moment Gyroscopes (CMG) ...
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