The Virtual Weld

The Virtual Weld

Most manufacturing companies rely on empirical data and experience when designing and welding components. Goal-oriented improvements and the adjustment of manufacturing processes often require a considerable amount of time and effort. Typically, for example, welding distortions can only be found and corrected in downstream fabrication steps. However, the process accompanying the use of welding simulations enables a detailed examination of the entire manufacturing process and the design of improved welding processes by, for example, the goal-oriented development of clamping concepts. Newly launched software now enables the reliable simulation of welding structures for companies applying industrial welding processes in serial production.

Quality-assured manufacturing through welding

The goal of welding is to create a reproducible, reliable product with minimal distortions, while maintaining low production costs without the need for expensive rework and quality control. Expertise and experience in the design and application of welding are required.

Welding is a complex manufacturing process incorporating a number of different factors such as the welding principle, sequence, source, introduced energy, welding speed, filler materials as well as the material combination and the material thickness, all of which need to be adjusted.

Reliable process design using modern simulation software

In 2005 the German automotive industry initiated the development of a new welding simulation program. The goal was to provide a production tool for welding experts.

The development contract was awarded to the German software company, Simufact Engineering, which already had many years of experience in metal forming. The Simufact welding program was developed as an easy-to-use industrial application, tailored to the specific demands of the manufacturing industry without requiring additional simulation.

Linking simulation with manufacturing processes                

With the help of Simufact.welding simulation software it is possible to design reliable welding processes based upon manufacturing data. However, as each component has a previous history, the welded component group will be further processed or is subject to specific loads. The virtual linking and examination of welding processes offers a wide range of benefits for economical and reliable design of the manufacturing steps. Simufact.welding is a sustainable solution to modernize welding simulation and apply it to real-world production.

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