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Additive Manufacturing Modeling, Simulation, and Lifecycle Management

The expansion of additive manufacturing has created a need for simulation and data management tools that will help engineers optimize the 3D printing process in order to reduce production costs, increase robustness/reliability and improve performance by optimizing design. This blog post will explore how MSC’s simulation tools are currently being used by customers to advance 3D printing.


Weight Reduction of an Engine Mount

Trelleborg is a global automotive supplier that offers sealing, damping, and protection solutions to the automotive industry. To reach their goal of complying with CO2 regulation, Trelleborg uses material modeling and simulation software.   Challenge To comply with CO2 regulations (2015: 130g   2020: 95g) To reduce the average weight of a car by 200 kg …


Learn from the Experts: The Future of Modeling in Composite Materials and Structures

QUESTION: Is there a way I can learn more about composites directly from the experts? ANSWER: Yes, MSC Software is hosting a Materials Forum at our MSC Software Users Conference on May 8 from 8:00-10:00 am. I have outlined the schedule of the forum, as well as more information on the experts presenting. Materials Forum …


Lightweight, High Performance Composites – What is a Composite Material?

Question: What is a composite? Answer: One could write endlessly about this topic, but I’ve provided some basic information and a few FAQs to get you started. Composite: “A composite is a structural material that consists of two or more combined constituents that are combined at a macroscopic level and are not soluble in each …


Lightweight, High Performance Composites – Example of Composite Failure Analysis by Using FEA

Topic: To conclude the last few posts on using FEA to analyze composites, I leave off with this example from Use of Finite Element Analysis to Create Robust Composite Designs – Going Beyond First Ply Failure. PRACTICAL EXAMPLE OF FAILURE ANALYSIS COMPARED WITH TEST RESULTS This work is an overview of some collaborative work performed with …


Lightweight, High Performance Composites – Progressive Ply Failure Analysis (PFA)

Question: What is progressive ply failure analysis (PFA)? Answer: PFA is a type of analysis used to model the failure of a composite laminate on a layer by layer basis. From Andrew Main's Use of Finite Element Analysis to Create Robust Composite Designs – Going Beyond First Ply Failure. This analysis approach allows the structure to …

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