The 10x ICME Solution to Save Millions of Dollars in the Material Development Process

The 10x ICME Solution to Save Millions of Dollars in the Material Development Process

Developing and integrating new engineering materials is an expensive endeavor requiring numerous years and millions of dollars. MSC Software has developed the 10x Integrated Computational Material Engineering (ICME) Solution to address both business and engineering challenges in the materials development and utilization process. Each individual solution is described below.

  1. Virtual Material Development – Contemporary engineered materials are complex, but existing simulation tools are unable to model them from the micro scale and upward. Different mixtures or combinations of material constituents at the micro scale can be simulated with the 10x ICME Solution.
  2. Virtual Material Testing – Characterizing a composite material can take 2-3 years of testing and millions of dollars. The process involves testing numerous coupons. A solution is available to simulate the coupon tests.
  3. Materials Lifecycle Management – Valuable material data must be stored, sometimes in a simple PDF or Excel file, and can become difficult to track. A solution is available to store, protect, manage and distribute material data.
  4. Material Exchange – Material data and models provided by material suppliers are proprietary. A solution is available that makes the supplier’s proprietary material models available in an encrypted manner and allows for subsequent engineering analysis by end users.
  5. Compliance and Sustainability – One aspect of materials development is ensuring product compliance and sustainability. The 10x ICME Solution features iPoint integration allowing for compliance reporting.
  6. Effect of Processing – The manufacturing process influences the performance of the final part, but simulation tools leave out critical details such as fiber distributions and orientations. The 10x ICME Solution enables mechanical simulations that incorporate critical details, giving greater accuracy of the part’s performance.
  7. Accurate Material Modeling – A manufactured part composed of engineered materials must be validated to perform well during service. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used during the validation process, but requires accurate material models available from the 10x ICME Solution.
  8. Additive Manufacturing (AM) – Modern simulation tools are unable to simulate the AM process, and analysts resort to physical prototypes to develop AM procedures and components. The 10x ICME Solution makes possible the simulation of the AM material, process and printed part performance, thus minimizing costly physical prototypes.
  9. Material Intelligence (AI) – A significant amount of real and virtual test data is generated, but the considerable size of data makes decision making challenging. AI methods embedded in the 10x ICME Solution improve the material development, selection and utilization process.
  10. Digital Continuity & Material Twin –The 10x ICME Solution includes an extensive suite of simulation equivalents for material development, material characterization, manufacturing simulation and final part performance. Ultimately a digital twin of the material manufacturing process is obtained and improves predictability.

The 10x ICME Solution was developed in collaboration with global OEMs and material suppliers, and is applicable to a wide range of materials, including plastics, composites and ceramics, and manufacturing processes, such as injection molding, automatic fiber placement and additive manufacturing. If you currently face a materials challenge, MSC Software is ready to partner with you.

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