Education Partners

Industry and the academic world are constantly evolving. By connecting these two worlds, students are empowered to develop their careers. Just as we create the tools of tomorrow, future generations may use them to shape the world.

ITU: MSC Investment

To strengthen relations with the Academic World, MSC Software has established partnerships with major Engineering Universities in Turkey.

 Marmara University: New MSC Partners

Capitalizing on the MSC.One Licensing system, MSC has invested in commercial software with major university campuses in the Istanbul area such as the Istanbul Technical University and Marmara University.

Yldiz Teknik University, MSC signed a partnership contract.

Yıldız Technical University signed for a partnership with MSC and they will used MSC.One solutions.

The Ecole Centrale de Nantes joined MSC Software as a partner for Additive Manufacturing.

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Other Education Partners