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Announcing the 2017 Simulating Reality Contest Winners!

This year’s Simulating Reality Contest winners showcased innovations which utilized MSC Software’s products in various industry applications and product designs. Contest participants were divided into two categories, showcasing innovations in Industry and Academia. We are excited to see solutions for emerging big trends such as 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, lightweight composite structures, and horizontal drilling. The dedication and technical creativity from our customers and ...

Easily Transition Existing Linear Models into Advanced Nonlinear Runs

Most real world problems require performance of both linear and nonlinear finite element simulations. While the linear FEA is faster and less complex, many times it does not provide analysts and engineers with the true behavior of the structure and needed accuracy. This becomes more relevant when analyzing parts and assemblies made out of complex composites, ...

OC Timmy Awards Names MSC Software Best Tech Work Culture

Tech in Motion Orange County announced MSC Software as 2017's “Best Tech Work Culture” for its Third Annual Timmy Awards, which recognizes the top workplaces for tech professionals. The tech community and an expert panel chose MSC Software from a field of more than 130 nominees to join a list of notable North American winners such ...

4 Big Technology Trends of the Future, by Dominic Gallello

I'm often asked what is the soul of MSC?  What goes into making great products that satisfy our users? I have to say the next 10 years will be amazing, especially in 4 areas. New Materials: For lighter, stronger, faster, cost efficient, and simply cooler products. Generative Design: Math generates optimal shapes not just for ...

MSC Nominated for Timmy Award for Best Tech Work Culture!

MSC has been nominated for the 2017 Timmy Awards in the Best Tech Work Culture in Orange County! This award recognizes a technology work culture that actively promotes technical creativity, innovation, and learning. Companies that instill these values acknowledge that great ideas can come from anywhere, and reward contributions from the whole tech team. The ...

Industry Applications of NEVF with Dr. Neil Bishop

Dr. Neil Bishop of CAEfatigue Limited, one of the most renowned experts in Fatigue Dynamics and FEA, partnered with the MSC Nastran team to create a more dynamic and integrated solution after experiencing the many limitations of fatigue simulation. Thus, Nastran Embedded Vibration Fatigue (NEVF) was born. NEVF is more accessible, easy-to-use, and flexible in ...
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