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Nonlinear Analysis in MSC Nastran to Reduce Design Bottlenecks

Sporadic use of advanced finite element analysis (FEA) software, such as nonlinear analysis by design engineers, can result in either excessive refresher training time or a bottleneck while in the queue for an analyst. The cause is a result of different types of solvers requiring different models. Commercially available translators can help, but still require significant amounts of cleanup. However, by integrating solvers in MSC Nastran’s SOL 600, the same model in the familiar MSC Nastran format can be used for both liner and MSC Marc nonlinear analysis.


Realizing the Full Value of Aerospace Composite Design

The complexity of composites vs. traditional metallic materials has forced aerospace manufacturers to complete 7-20x more tests than before across all levels of the validation pyramid. With smaller tests costing around $1k-$5K, and the larger tests costing up to $1M-$3M, a significant barrier has been presented in terms of cost and time to validate their …


Advanced Contact Modeling in FEA | Marc [Video]

Question: Where can I learn about advanced contact modeling for FEA? Answer: You can watch our webinar below. Details of this webinar Contact analysis is often nonlinear as the contact zone could change with applied loads, altering the boundary conditions on the various components of an assembly. Additionally, components made of highly flexible materials like elastomers …


Getting Students Ahead of the Curve

Engineering Simulation has become a critical, if not fundamental, part of the design and development process at all forward looking companies, big and small. Students entering the job market are expected to be familiar with simulation technologies and have proficiency in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) solutions, which would also give them an edge in the …


Lightweight, High Performance Composites – Example of Composite Failure Analysis by Using FEA

Topic: To conclude the last few posts on using FEA to analyze composites, I leave off with this example from Use of Finite Element Analysis to Create Robust Composite Designs – Going Beyond First Ply Failure. PRACTICAL EXAMPLE OF FAILURE ANALYSIS COMPARED WITH TEST RESULTS This work is an overview of some collaborative work performed with …


Lightweight, High Performance Composites – Progressive Ply Failure Analysis (PFA)

Question: What is progressive ply failure analysis (PFA)? Answer: PFA is a type of analysis used to model the failure of a composite laminate on a layer by layer basis. From Andrew Main's Use of Finite Element Analysis to Create Robust Composite Designs – Going Beyond First Ply Failure. This analysis approach allows the structure to …

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