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Engineering Simulation has become a critical, if not fundamental, part of the design and development process at all forward looking companies, big and small. Students entering the job market are expected to be familiar with simulation technologies and have proficiency in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) solutions, which would also give them an edge in the competitive job market.

Nonlinear finite element analysis is a fast growing segment of CAE, with companies looking for engineers to fuel innovation the fast moving market. Because of its versatility, nonlinear finite element analysis is used across major industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, shipbuilding, energy, biomedical, machinery and more, to solve problems with manufacturing, product performance and failure.

Marc, the dedicated nonlinear FEA solution from MSC Software and the world's first commercial nonlinear FEA solver, is used across industries to analyze and improve a wide range of products and processes, including:

  • Elastomeric products (tires, boots, belts, hoses, seals)
  • Biomedical devices (prosthetic implants, stents, defribillators)
  • Electronic components (circuit boards, connectors, actuators, solder)
  • Manufacturing processes (sheet metal forming, glass forming, welding)
  • Machinery components (gears, springs, bushings, conveyer belts)
  • Consumer products (bottles, cans, appliance components)
  • And more…

The Marc 2013 Student Edition is designed to provide students with a great introduction to nonlinear finite element analysis. The software is available for free to registered students, giving access to most of the same capabilities available in the commercial version. Its 5000-node limitation is large enough to model and solve problems that provide good insight into mechanics of structures. This helps to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom, while developing critical simulation skills required for a career in product design and development.

This powerful, versatile solution is also easy to learn, so students do not have to spend countless hours to gain the working knowledge in using it. Various resources available also help students in improving their knowledge of nonlinear FEA, which include:

  • Several "getting started" videos that walk the user through the user interface, orienting them through the steps of model creation, analysis and post-processing. This is done with simple textbook examples, so that students can compare the results with theoretical solutions. These examples are available online at the following link:
  • Training notes providing step by step examples and a deep exposure to the software so that students are prepared to create more complex models and learn about the intricacies of nonlinear FEA. These notes and examples are provided to the students with installation.

In this challenging job market, the Marc Student Edition gives students the advantage they need and technological expertise required to succeed. By learning Marc, students do not just learn how to use an FEA tool, but gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of nonlinear mechanics helping them to be the innovators they want to become.

Current students can register and download Marc 2013 Student Edition for free at:

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