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Out now: the latest version of Simufact Welding 2021.1

The new approach, called the ‘Advanced Thermal Cycle (ATC)’ method, now allows the user to consider several heat input increments simultaneously and apply the heat at once. This can significantly reduce the calculation time, while maintaining accuracy of the results. The user input has been made as simple as possible and provides the possibility of …


Generative Design Insights: Characteristics, Process and Sustainability

Our previous blog article “Generative Design Insights: Shifting the paradigm in 3D metal printing” dealt with the driving factors behind the emergence of generative design and what potentials arise for companies through the use of this technology. Analysts, therefore, expect significant market growth by the end of the decade. But what does Generative Design stand …


Generative Design insights: shifting the paradigm in 3D metal printing

In our first blog of this series “Generative Design insights: a game changer for product development and industrial 3D printing” we already gave an overview of generative design and additive manufacturing. In the following articles, we would now like to examine some aspects in more detail. Given global trends towards resource scarcity and reducing use …


Debunking the 5 myths of multi-body Dynamics – Myth 1: MBD simulation is motion analysis

In this blog series we are debunking 5 myths of multi-body dynamics. In this first blog, we address the myth that MBD simulation is motion analysis. Multibody Dynamics (MBD) simulation stretches far beyond merely simulating the motion of constrained mechanisms. It lays the foundation for collaborative systems development and serves as a basis for various …


Announcing the new Product Documentation Center!

MSC Software is pleased to announce the availability of the new Product Documentation Center (PDC).  We are making it easier to read, search, and navigate documentation across all products. With most of our documentation now publicly accessible for our customers we are making it easier than ever before to use MSC Software’s design and engineering …


Hexagon enhances its Smart Manufacturing autonomous and digital twin capabilities with the acquisition of CADLM

Hexagon AB announced the acquisition of CADLM SAS, a pioneer in powering computer-aided engineering (CAE) with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to revolutionise the impact of simulation in product development processes and lifecycles. Founded in 1989, France-based CADLM has years of experience developing computational design and optimisation methods for industrial products and processes, and …

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