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Improvements to FE Parts for easier flex body workflows and more productivity

FE Part is an Adams integrated alternative to model flexible bodies, which has mass and is accurate for very large deformation cases of beam-like structures. It provides a fast way to model geometrically nonlinear parts in the systems model. Adams 2021 has several new features to improve the FE part creation workflow. In previous versions …


Power event specific best practices by using event specific solver settings

A new workflow improvement in Adams 2021 is the ability to associate specific solver settings with an Adams Car event. This feature comes in handy when one wants to remember the optimal solver settings for a given event, especially when one wants to run an Event Set consisting of multiple event types/conditions requiring a diversity …


Event sets and variants as FMU parameters for seamless interoperability

Over the past decade, a tool-independent standard for model interoperability and exchange, the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) has gained traction in the simulation software world. The FMI standard enables seamless interoperability for simulation software solutions. Using the standard, one can connect models from different software tools and create virtual system prototypes system that best suits …


Event set and event browser support for custom events

In Release 2019.0, we introduced the concepts of an “Event Object” and an “Event Set.” Previously, there was no easy way to persist or store event inputs within or outside an Adams Car session. This made the ability to institute standard analysis procedures that were repeatable and consistent.  The concept of Event Objects was developed …


About Martian Rovers, earthling explorers, simulation software, Deepak Chopra and more

New-age guru Deepak Chopra (yes, I devour a copious amount of self-help content) once said, “When you make a choice, you change the future.” In the Fall of 2013, a group of scientists huddled around a conference table in sunny Pasadena made a choice. They chose to seek, they chose to explore and they chose …


Adams on a Roll

A group of hollow and solid cylinders once met at the top of a ramp. “Hey, solid cylinders,” said the hollow cylinder, “Want to race?”. So, it began – a battle for the ages, and an outcome so impressive that we recreated it using an Adams simulation. As you can tell, the hollow cylinder did …

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