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Debunking the 5 myths of Multibody Dynamics – Myth 5: Real-time MBD simulations = Reduced Order Models (ROMs)

A real-time simulation mandates that the virtual model delivers a response/solution output at specific time increments in the same or less time than the physical system. This way, the state of the virtual system is always synchronized with the physical components to provide an accurate testing environment.  For this reason, real-time compliant vehicle dynamics models …


Debunking the 5 myths of Multibody Dynamics – Myth 4: MBD simulations require specialist knowledge

Exploring the behavior of systems using simulation has traditionally been the domain of simulation engineers or analysts. Complexity in simulation interfaces, or in simulation techniques and procedures, created the need for highly specialized users. A lack of standards for model exchange and interoperability compounded these issues. In the field of systems dynamics simulation, MBD analysts …


Debunking the 5 myths of Multibody Dynamics – Myth 2: Multibody Dynamics Simulation is Conceptual System Analyses

In this blog series we are debunking 5 myths of multi-body dynamics. In this second blog, we address the myth that Multibody Dynamic Simulation is the same as Conceptual System Analyses. Though Multibody Dynamic (MBD) Simulations are used heavily during the conceptual design of dynamic systems, their benefits extend through all phases of the development …


No More Guessing! – Enhanced Design Insight Using the EDEM-Adams Coupling

In this final blog of our Adams-EDEM co-simulation series, Darren Simoni from DSIM Technologies explains how EDEM and Adams have been used during the design of a skid-steer loader to increase the accuracy of system level simulation using less time and effort than traditional load estimation methods. 


Coupled Powertrain and Vehicle Analysis

Today's vehicle and powertrain engineers face increasing challenges to meet fuel economy and drive quality targets, while at the same time keep vehicle cost reasonable. Many of the new engine technologies designed to improve fuel economy create difficulties for the noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) engineer, whose job it is to assure a certain level of comfort for the occupants.


Dig the Dirt! – Application Examples using Adams-EDEM Co-Simulation

In my previous blogs I introduced the Adams-EDEM coupling, and explained how it works. In this post I want to share with you two examples of the Adams-EDEM coupling in action!

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