Out now: the latest version of Simufact Welding 2021.1

Out now: the latest version of Simufact Welding 2021.1

The new approach, called the ‘Advanced Thermal Cycle (ATC)’ method, now allows the user to consider several heat input increments simultaneously and apply the heat at once. This can significantly reduce the calculation time, while maintaining accuracy of the results. The user input has been made as simple as possible and provides the possibility of automatic parameter estimation, Figure 1.

Figure 1: Easy to find and apply the new ‘Advanced Thermal Cycle (ATC)’ method approach in the ‘Process Definition’ window

In addition, a new interface for G-code import now shows the list of recognised commands as well as their order. Now the user can see in the preview whether all commands were recognised correctly and in which order before the G-code is to be imported, Figure 2.

Figure 2: The new interface for G-Code import shows the list of recognized commands and their order

Upgrade to Simufact Welding 2021.1 to benefit from the huge improvements in the Directed Energy Deposition (DED) module.

About Simufact Welding

Simufact Welding is used for modelling and optimising a wide range of fusion and pressure welding processes, taking into account weld sequence and clamping.

With Simufact Welding, you can model and optimise processes such as:

  • Arc welding
  • Laser beam welding
  • Electron beam welding
  • Brazing
  • Resistance spot welding

As well as generative manufacturing processes such as:

  • Direct Energy Deposition (DED) (also called 3D laser cladding)
  • Wire and Arc based deposition process (WAAM)
  • Direct metal deposition (DMD)
  • Laser metal deposition (LMD)

Simufact Welding will give you a deeper understanding of your DED processes which will help optimise for better efficiency and sustainability. Now you can save material, time and money by replacing physical try-outs with virtual tests. This will help eliminate scrap and reduce waste materials.

More information about Simufact Welding: https://www.simufact.com/simufactwelding-welding-simulation.html

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