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Generative Design Insights: Characteristics, Process and Sustainability

Our previous blog article “Generative Design Insights: Shifting the paradigm in 3D metal printing” dealt with the driving factors behind the emergence of generative design and what potentials arise for companies through the use of this technology. Analysts, therefore, expect significant market growth by the end of the decade. But what does Generative Design stand …


Generative Design insights: shifting the paradigm in 3D metal printing

In our first blog of this series “Generative Design insights: a game changer for product development and industrial 3D printing” we already gave an overview of generative design and additive manufacturing. In the following articles, we would now like to examine some aspects in more detail. Given global trends towards resource scarcity and reducing use …


Rapidly optimise products with complex, non-isotropic materials using MSC Apex Generative Design

MSC Apex Generative Design 2021.2 is now available, advancing the optimisation of products with complex material characteristics. With MSC Apex Generative Design the user can rapidly generate several optimal design candidates to create lightweight yet robust products. Through a high degree of automation, the software reduces time-to-market and offers a solution for shrinking development resources. …


Generative Design insights: A game changer for product development and industrial 3D printing

Higher product efficiency and the reduction of energy and material use make the optimisation of components in product development more and more important. In the past, this meant the use of an elaborate, labour-intensive process performed by highly specialised experts using a variety of software tools. Nowadays, generative design promises solutions that are simpler, faster …


MSC Apex Generative Design delivers new features for a streamlined process

Generative Design is revolutionizing the way companies design and optimize products. Our ambition is to make the optimization process as easy and comfortable as possible. So, a key focus of the software’s development is the easiness of use. While MSC Apex Generative Design has already leveraged powerful geometry tools right from its start, we continuously …


CAD to CAD: MSC Apex Generative Design new release brings fluent optimization workflow

MSC Apex Generative Design is all about an efficient and fast optimization which is why the current release 2021 exhibits again several new features and improvements to guarantee this. They significantly reduce the time required to set up the model and prepare the created result for further analysis with MSC Nastran through a highly effective …

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