SimAcademy – Composite Ply Stress Recovery in Frequency Response | MSC Nastran [Video]


Question: Where can I learn more about recovering composite ply stresses in an MSC Nastran frequency response analysis?

Answer: You can watch this SimAcademy webinar Composite Ply Stress Recovery in Frequency Resonse.

Here is a preview of the SimAcademy Webinar.

Details of the webinar

Ply stresses in complex frequency response were previously not available in MSC Nastran. This feature is now available in MSC Nastran 2012+.

This webinar will focus on the methodology used to recover ply stresses subjected to dynamic loading (frequency and transient response – Sol 108, 109, 111 and 112).

Since there is no post processing currently available for complex ply stresses, a utility program is written to post process the complex ply stress results in Patran.

During this session, you'll learn:

  • How ply stresses are calculated under complex frequency response.
  • Find maximum response and create fringe plots showing maximum stress among all plies, all solution frequencies and all subcases. The plot can also identify critical ply ID, frequency, and subcase ID where stresses are maximum.
  • Create fringe plot of ply stresses at any individual frequency.

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