Desktop Engineering Editor’s Pick of the Week: SimManager 2015


Engineering companies accumulate enormous amounts of FEA and CFD data every day. Companies small and large who do not properly manage their simulation data on average experience larger amounts of errors, reduced collaboration, longer product development time, and slower process and product innovation. Effective data management is a business-critical process that has helped MSC customers realize about 60% savings in human efforts (click here to read Ashok Leyland case study), save up to $1.3 million in product development costs (click here to read TI Automotive case study), and increase the rate of innovation significantly.

The recent release of SimManager 2015 brings process enhancements and improved ease of use to MSC’s SPDM solution with an intuitive user interface and easy deployability. It is engineered to help designers and analysts manage their simulation test data and processes from the moment a project kicks off through printing the final report. New features to help users become more productive include:

Adams/Car – SimManager Portal and Integration

This release provides full Adams/Car Portal Data Management integration into SimManager, providing a platform for storing, retrieving and managing vehicle dynamics models, enabling improved cooperation among design teams.

Improved Ease of Use

New Advanced File Selector allows drag & drop file selection, new file browsers and integrated progress bar supporting large files over 2GB.

Improved Collaboration

New User Groups provide a new Dynamic Group capability for use in projects and notification. Collaborative sharing of objects provides the ability to share/unshare objects outside of projects, eliminating the duplicate effort in object creation.

More Flexible Access with MSC One

SimManager 2015 includes support for the newly introduced token based system, MSC One. The enhancements in license handling for both MSC One and traditional licensing improves access to both SimManager and other solutions delivered by MSC Software in a cost-effective manner.

Other enhancements of SimManager include improved security and performance. No wonder it was the Editor’s Pick of the Week at Desktop Engineering!



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