Explore MSC Nastran’s Nonlinear FEA Analysis with Solution 400

Explore MSC Nastran’s Nonlinear FEA Analysis with Solution 400

Solution 400 is the nonlinear analysis component to the FEA industry standard, MSC Nastran, and has been used in the field for over 10 years. With Solution 400, MSC Software has enhanced MSC Nastran’s capabilities to enable users to run even more complex analyses. Solution 400 makes it possible for users to add advanced capabilities such as, contact and more advanced material models into their already existing, perhaps linear static analysis models.

Solution 400 allows the user to stay in the same environment when adding capabilities such as, general contact, plasticity, or more advanced composite modeling. Prior to this, the workflow was very time consuming. It encompassed going through a translator and then finally to another solution output when adding these capabilities. With Solution 400, you can use the same base model and add the capability you need to continue working with the same model. This ultimately gives more time for the engineer to focus on their analysis work and less time creating the model.

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