Hands-On Workshop: Simulation of Manufacturing Processes


Throughout April and June 2016, MSC will be offering a series of free, hands-on workshops that will teach engineers how to simulate complex manufacturing processes such as forming, joining and welding. In addition to providing an overview of the use of finite element analysis (FEA) in various process simulations, these workshops will give you an opportunity to use a world-class simulation solution to create models and perform manufacturing process analysis. If you are looking to optimize your manufacturing processes and reduce repetitive, expensive physical testing, this workshop is for you. Click here to register: http://bit.ly/1WJwNVZ

Computer simulation is playing a critical role in analyzing manufacturability, effects of material properties and tolerances on final product performance, and optimization of process parameters for product performance and efficiency. Companies that invest in a robust CAE solution enjoy reduced manufacturing costs by optimizing process parameters, savings in material usage, and lower product development costs with fewer repetitive physical test.


The benefits of attending to this workshop include learning the concepts of simulation applicable to manufacturing process modeling, plus learning about the key modeling issues related to materials and computer simulations, and getting hands-on experience in modeling of manufacturing simulation with guidance from an instructor. Industry experts will be available to answer your specific questions. 

If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, please visit our registration page http://bit.ly/1TT4IOh

About the Presenters

Arjaan Buijk received his MS in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Delft in 1988, after which he joined MSC Software. Over the course of his 25 years in the industry, he has gained specific expertise in the field of metal forming simulation, using the software products Simufact.forming and Simufact.welding. 

Zach Pursell received his MS in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University in 1995, after which he joined Marc Analysis Research Corporation. He joined MSC Software in 2000 and Simufact-Americas in 2011. Throughout this time he has worked primarily as a project manager and consulting engineer specializing in metal forming and manufacturing analysis. He has developed several custom applications and analysis methods for ring rolling, superplastic forming and other manufacturing simulations.




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