Learn Advanced Non-Linear Simulations for Free!

Learn Advanced Non-Linear Simulations for Free!

Predicting complex real-world behavior is the main objective of utilizing simulation software tools. In order to accurately assess the strength and deformation of the product you’re designing, engineers must have a vast and comprehensive knowledge of Finite Element Analysis (FEA). MSC’s advanced nonlinear and multi-physics simulation software, Marc, has over 40 years of industry application and provides its users with the ultimate nonlinear FEA solution. Engineers around the world trust the complete and unified framework of Marc to address a vast spectrum of simulations for aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and other industries.

Engineers working with nonlinear materials such as rubbers or various plastics, must use a nonlinear analysis tool to properly assess these behavior properties. With MSC’s Student Edition, users can learn Marc at their own pace. With Marc’s easy to use & integrated user interface users can build, analyze, and post-process their FEA models with ease. Nature is inherently nonlinear, therefore engineers will most likely work with nonlinear materials at some point during their careers. As newer materials are being implemented into product designs, Marc becomes a pivotal part of the design process.

Download your student edition of MSC Marc today!

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