Luk Innovates Manufacturing Processes through Forming Simulation

Luk Innovates Manufacturing Processes through Forming Simulation

For more than 40 years, LuK has been synonymous with strength of innovation, customer focus, and quality for numerous products in the automotive drivetrain industry. LuK supplies customers around the world with systems and components, guaranteeing first-class technology, quality, and delivery standards. They meet customers’ requests with products that are tailored to the special requirements and needs of each customer.

The company develops innovative solutions for components of clutch and transmission systems. Within the development of those components, the engineering team of LuK uses the process simulation tool Simufact.forming. The software is used for a wide variety of applications, all focused on an optimal process design. LuK started to use Simufact.forming for stamping simulations in 2006, and today the software family is used to simulate forming, tooling, riveting, and heat treatment applications. An additional solution, Simufact.welding, is going to support the welding application engineering. Dr. Kunding Wang, Principal FEA Analyst at the LuK R&D Center, is the simulation expert of the company and one of the main users of Simufact.forming. It is his responsibility to provide services to the manufacturing and production departments. Among the many challenges he faces in his daily work, Wang is primarily in charge of the simplification of complicated physics within the production processes. The simulation of these processes helps designers or production engineers to fully understand the physical details of the process and to learn which parameter modifications will result in an optimal manufacturing process. This approach is valid for every application area Simufact.forming is used in. Under his guidance, the Simufact.forming software is also used directly by the production design engineers themselves to design & optimize the tooling for LuK’s progressive stamping processes.

“With Simufact’s simulation software you can see the physics in action, which means the products response to external influences such as heat treatment, welding, riveting or external forces. These are the details we need for effective engineering. Simufact provides a bridge to engineers who have the issues and is a strategic tool for being innovative and developing optimized processes and better products“ said Dr. Kunding Wang.

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