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Simulating Reality 2016 Contest Now Open!

Every day, MSC’s simulation products are being used by companies from all industries to design, test, and validate the most innovative products in the world. The Simulating Reality Contest, held annually by MSC, invites users to share their success by submitting videos or images that demonstrate how they are using our software in product development. ...

Modeling a subject specific Knee model using rigid body dynamics

Biomedical Engineers are looking for a better way to simulate Biomechanics Simulation.  LeTourneau University turns to MD Adams to simulate a subject specific Knee model using rigid body dynamics.  The result from this research shows that the contact force on the Medial and Lateral Condyles showed similar trends between the MD Adams model and FEA ...

Motor solutions made possible through MSC PATRAN (Field Coil Analysis)

Have you ever created a FEA model on diffusion of heat on a material?  Patran is a great tool that will accurately create a FEA model on diffusion of heat.  University of Texas take advantage of Patran's capability in creating a coupled electro-thermal analysis on an aluminum field coil and copper center post. The University ...

Adams and LifeMod Integral in University of California, Santa Cruz’s Bionics Lab Research Study on Lower Limb Exoskeletons

This week's case study comes from the world of biomedical engineering.  The University of California, Santa Cruz's Bionics Lab submitted to us this amazing research study on the optimization of the Gait Cycle using the applications of Adams and LifeMod to simulate lower limb exoskeletons.  This study also includes several graphics that help illustrate the ...

Composites Engineering and Applications Center, University of Houston Valve-Shaft Assembly in Aero-derivative Gas Turbine System using Patran

From our friends at the Composites Engineering and Applications Center at the University of Houston comes a cool application of MSC Patran in the field of Aerodynamics.  Specifically the assembly of Valve-Shafts and the Aero-derivative Gas Turbine System.  Patran is used to model and simulate the torque on the system. In a Valve-Shaft system, aerodynamic ...

University of Idaho Formula Hybrid using Adams/Car to Gain an Edge on the Competition

Are you in a student competition team?  Do you want to know more about how Universities have been using Adams/Car?  The Vandal Hybrid Race Team uses Adams/Car for full-vehicle suspension design and analysis, giving the team much more flexibility and control over their kinematic design.  They were able to counter the negative effects of the ...
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