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Tuning Acoustic Quality of Audio Devices with Simulation

  When designing an audio device, the most important thing for an engineer to consider is the quality of the sound. Quality is what makes the device valuable and differentiates it from competitors. Audio device manufacturing companies experience extremely high product development costs due to repetitive and expensive physical testing. In addition to the need ...

Nonlinear Analysis – Optimization of a Traditional Wrench

Topic: A colleague of mine recently forwarded me a paper titled Virtual DOE of an Open-End Wrench. What caught my attention was the use of design of experiment to create a new wrench called the Claw. Does it actually look like a claw? Yes. For those interested in reading more about the use of Design ...

Acoustic Simulation – Leading French Automotive Supplier Relies on Actran Acoustics Software

Plastic Omnium Simulates Acoustics of Car Body Modules SANTA ANA, CA--(Business Wire – January 15th, 2013) – Free Field Technologies (FFT), an MSC Software company, today announced that Plastic Omnium has deployed the Actran/Acoustics and Vibro-Acoustics software, to simulate the acoustic attenuation of plastic panels and other components used in automobiles around the world. Plastic ...

Virginia Tech and NASA Subsonic & Supersonic Fixed Wing Projects

If you guys are interested in the intricate design process of designing the aerodynamics of aircraft, particularly the design of the wing, check out this awesome, amazing article submitted to us from the ingenious researchers at NASA and the Unitized Structures Group at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Unitized Structures Group at Virginia ...

Webinar: Improving Fatigue Predictions for Machinery through Simulations.

We are the navigators, our CEO’s & Managers might be the captains, but it is us who plot the waters we will sail. We hold the course against the winds of economic turmoil. We are the innovators who skillfully ride currents with our hands on the rudder. We calculate every step, anticipate, and avoid adversity. ...

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What if a human could drive that vehicle simulation to see if it really feels right?

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