Want to Showcase Your Design Innovations With the World?

Want to Showcase Your Design Innovations With the World?

MSC Software’s annual Simulating Reality Contest brings together the most cutting-edge engineering CAE design projects by showcasing their innovations through the utilization of MSC Software solutions. One of the 2016 Winners in the Industrial Category, Evotech CAE LTD, designed an optimized A380 Landing Gear Bracket with MSC Apex and MSC Nastran.

Evotech’s design objective was to create a optimized Airbus A380 Landing Gear Door Bracket design that encompassed Additive Manufacturing technology, while achieving a “Margin of Safety>1.0” for three discrete design cases. Evotech implemented MSC Nastran for the Topology and Sizing Optimization and MSC Apex for the Direct Modelling Optimization through their MSC One license. The power and flexibility of using both MSC Nastran and MSC Apex allowed Evotech to produce a highly-optimized workflow that significantly increased their overall workflow efficiency. Their formalized design approach was based on a sequential optimization strategy that had no intermediate CAD Design steps. This approach is highly-scalable and can be applied to even more complex geometry with multiple load cases.

MSC Apex Landing Gear Simulation

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