…and the CAE “Oscar” for “Best Multiphysics-Focused CFD” goes to…Software Cradle

…and the CAE “Oscar” for “Best Multiphysics-Focused CFD” goes to…Software Cradle

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, 21st February 2019…. Software Cradle, the technology-leading Japanese Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software group owned by MSC Software, a Hexagon company, today acknowledged its flagship scFLOW software product received a Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) ‘Oscar’ for ‘Best Multiphysics-Focused CFD’ in 2019. And to reinforce the unique co-simulation capabilities of Software Cradle, the company today revealed the first ever fluid-structure interaction (FSI) analysis of the world-famous HOLLYWOOD sign situated in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. scFLOW’s unique ability to couple with the world’s most trusted Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver, MSC Nastran, allowed for an extreme weather related event to be simulated in multiphysics in a matter of hours. Cradle’s engineers examined the impact of a hurricane force south-westerly onshore wind hitting the sign at speeds of up to 80 mph (130 km/h) and they were able to show that the letters ‘H’ and ‘O’ at the start of ‘HOLLYWOOD’ experience the highest stress forces due to the local aerodynamic effects. Hence, they would be the most likely to suffer catastrophic failure from stress fractures at the base of the corrugated metal sign where each letter is attached to steel trusses and would blow down first under such an extreme climatic event.

Accepting this unique CAE ‘Oscar’ Award, Masayuki Kuba, the President of Software Cradle from Osaka in Japan, told a packed virtual auditorium: “I am humbled to receive this award from the Academy, which is the result of 35 years of dedicated research and development, and the fruits of my very talented team through many trials and tribulations. In particular, I would like to thank my development team so ably led by Shibahara-san. Their utter dedication and the many hours they put in to their craft has paid off.” Getting emotional, Kuba-san went on to say: “I would like to thank Claude Navier and George Stokes, without whom, the fundamental equations of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer that we solve in our software today simply would not have happened, and I would not be standing here before you; and I want to acknowledge the late, great Prof Brian Spalding who kicked off the commercial CFD industry in the 1970s.” Warming to the occasion, and with a tear in his eyes, Kuba-san went on to thank his father and his mother who supported him through engineering college, and MSC Software who gave Software Cradle the platform and the CAE toolset to seamlessly couple Cradle CFD software to a broad portfolio of engineering simulation tools over the last two years. He concluded: “We are leading the world in real multiphysics-focused CFD solutions, and having conquered the physics of the HOLLYWOOD sign, we promise to deliver co-simulation CAE for the masses wherever it is needed in the world today especially where others simply have not delivered engineer-ready solutions.”

Very few CFD codes can simulate complex real-world multiphysics FSI phenomena with such ease and accuracy, especially connected to a tried and trusted aerospace FEA solver like MSC Nastran. This Award illustrates perfectly Software Cradle’s market-leading co-simulation capabilities with linear structural analysis codes, but it also can co-simulate with non-linear FEA codes, 1d systems and controls software, acoustics and multi-body dynamics solvers, and toolchains of all of the above. This means that single discipline CFD and CAE engineers can capture multiphysics phenomena and transient physics using scFLOW and MSC One tokens like never before in the history of CAE.


Predicted Surface Pressures on the HOLLYWOOD sign’s letters (left) and resulting structural stresses (right) for a 80pmh southwesterly wind across Los Angeles (via scFLOW and MSC Nastran Co-Simulation).

To find out more about co-simulation multiphysics for the masses, contact info@cradle-cfd.com or info@mscsoftware.com or visit www.mscsoftware.com/cosim

DISCLAIMER: Any similarity to real life actors and the movie Oscar awards is purely coincidental… when compared to this virtual CAE ‘Oscar’. 


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