Generating Flexible Bodies in Adams View Environment

Generating Flexible Bodies in Adams View Environment

When dealing with multibody systems, it is common to use rigid body dynamics. However, introducing flexibility in the system can help better capture the system frequencies and thus make precise predictions possible. The Adams ViewFlex toolkit offers a quick method to generate flexibility bodies (or MNF files) in the system, especially for parts with simpler geometries. The ViewFlex module in Adams View enables users to transform a rigid part to an MNF-based flexible body within the Adams environment using embedded finite element analysis where a meshing step and linear modes analysis will be performed.

It is powered by MSC Nastran, allowing one to create flexible bodies without leaving Adams View and without reliance on 3rd party Finite Element Analysis software. Also, it’s a streamlined process with much higher efficiency than the way users have traditionally generated flexible bodies for Adams in the past. Take a look at how to use ViewFlex to quickly create flexible bodies in an MBD system.


Adams ViewFlex is a very useful tool within Adam View and Adams Car environments that can be used to generate simple to even relatively complex flexible bodies, helping users save time by eliminating the need to rely on access to an FEA process at least for an initial pass at introducing flexibility into multibody dynamics systems.

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