Impact on a Beam

Impact on a Beam

Rhodia Engineering Plastics is one of the largest suppliers for polyamide engineering plastics. They faced challenges in supporting their customers in the design of polyamide parts, taking into account the influence of fiber orientation for reinforced polyamide material, and providing the best material data possible to support simulation technologies.



• Calibration of a strain rate dependent elasto-viscoplastic DIGIMAT material model sensitive to fiber orientation

• Coupling to fiber orientation from Moldflow injection molding analysis by using the Digimat-CAE/LS-DYNA interface



At the end of experiment, the peaks’ maximum force as well as their occurrence in time is matched well. The Digimat-CAE/LS-DYNA analysis also relates very well with the experimental results. It is necessary for RHODIA to take the fiber orientation into account when simulating fiber reinforced plastic parts

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