MaterialCenter 2020 Release

MaterialCenter 2020 Release

Do you know what materials and restricted substances are being used in your products? Do you know the full history and test data pedigree of your materials?

Turn Materials Risk into Materials Strategy with the exciting release of MaterialCenter 2020. Join the webinar and improve product quality while saving cost and development time.

  • Ensure a complete and accurate product definition within PLM
  • Track and compare virtual and physical test data
  • Consolidate and digitalize corporate materials faster
  • Enable critical compliance

The consequence of over-looking materials information is starting to have wider and bigger impact on product quality, cost and development time.

Industry leaders in the digital era are starting to embark on a materials digitalization strategy to mitigate materials risk – by ensuring
A) expensively acquired materials data is secured and accessible,
B) access to single materials source across the organization,
C) guarantee INSTANT access to end-users, directly or indirectly through their applications within CAD, CAE and PLM,
D) and finally de-complexify complex materials & processes such as Composites and Additive Manufacturing by ensuring easy tracking and traceability.

You will learn:

  • How to use state-of-the art software to provide single source of your material PDFs, Excels, Text files
  • How to access, select and analyze materials data most efficiently
  • Capture full pedigree of materials information including tests (tensile, fatigue, creep), statistical information (integration with industry standard methods like CMH17), simulation models and design allowable
  • Manage complex materials and processes such as Additive Manufacturing and Composites.
  • Manage materials substances and ensure your compliance with legislations (REACH, RoHS)
  • Manage virtual and physical data to support initiatives like ICME. Integration example with Digimat.

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