Multibody Dynamics – Acoustics Integration

Multibody Dynamics – Acoustics Integration

Even though multibody dynamics and structural dynamics are strongly coupled, acoustic radiation usually must be done in a different environment and the data must be converted to it. While converting the data by itself consumes time and requires manual work, engineers that deal with design production are usually not acoustic specialists. Hence, manual data transfer and conversion steages causes increased error rates. Moreover, since there are two diffirent environments that information has to be converted to, iterative test processes occur at every step. For example, if an error occurs,  the engineer has to go back to the multibody dynamics software to change the design from the beginning and convert the result again and again.

Coupling acoustic simulations with multibody dynamics in an interface will enable engineers to obtain the initial results of the system’s acoustic behavior with a minimum effort and without ever leaving the software. In this way, the iterative process of transferring the data from acoustics to MBD is atomated. Working in a single environment saves time, reduces errors and increases engineering efficiency. 

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