New release Simufact Forming 2021.1: flexibility and accuracy in damage prediction

New release Simufact Forming 2021.1: flexibility and accuracy in damage prediction

Enhancements of Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) for higher accuracy in damage prediction
Introducing Simufact Forming 2021.1, the latest release of our leading simulation tool for hands-on forming professionals.

The new version brings great enhancements to the Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) for more flexibility and higher accuracy in damage prediction.

Users will find three new models for defining FLD curves are available in Simufact Forming 2021.1, which are presented in a manner that is easy-to-understand, even for non-experts (Figure 1). Those who have their own FLD curves can of course import them as a table.

Figure 1: Dedicated dialog for defining Forming Limit Diagram (FLD)

After defining a new FLD curve or importing an existing one, the advanced results view now shows the important damage information based on the FLD curve next to the part being formed during and after a forming simulation, Figure 2.

Figure 2: The advanced result view now shows the damage information in your FLD curve for immediate evaluation

Newly implemented result value that displays surface defects such as piping effects and folds
In the latest version of Simufact Forming 2021.1, a new criteria for early detection of manufacturing issues in your forming processes has been implemented. Such manufacturing issues can be easily identified by selecting the newly implemented result value: Flow defects zones, Figure 3.

Figure 3: Two test models illustrating manufacturing issues (piping effect and fold) with the new result value

Note: Piping effects or piping phenomena are highly complex manufacturing defects that occur mainly in forging processes and are very difficult or impossible to predict without simulation. This type of defect can occur in extrusion processes resulting in forging dies that are not completely filled and unsightly voids on the surface of the parts.

This new result value can be found in the result legend in the result view, without complicated workarounds like creating particles as in previous Simufact Forming versions.

Now you can benefit from the new implementation and ensure that the product quality meets your or your customer’s requirements.

Faster Die Load Simulations for higher productivity
The die load analysis has been improved, so that the die load simulations in Simufact Forming 2021.1 are up to 8 times faster compared to the previous version without losing accuracy.

Figure 4: Improvements in die load analysis enables up to 8 times faster simulation

Modernisation of the graphical user interface
Finally, the GUI has been further modernised with new icons that improve the overall look and feel and also other elements such as the graph in the results view showing the distribution of results for an initial assessment at a glance, Figure 5.

Figure 5: The new graph shows the distribution of the results to get an initial assessment at a glance

Upgrade to Simufact Forming 2021.1 and benefit from the improvements in Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) definition and a new result value that indicates surface defects for higher damage prediction accuracy, 8x faster die load analysis, and all with a modernised and simplified GUI.

About Simufact Forming
Simufact Forming is an established software solution for the simulation of metal forming manufacturing processes. The software covers all essential areas of forming technology: forging, cold forming, sheet metal forming, all major incremental processes and mechanical joining. Simufact Forming provides support in microstructure simulation, calculation of die load, material flow and prediction of material properties in the course of conventional and inductive heat treatment. Furthermore, thermo-mechanical joining methods of pressure welding are also supported.

  • Design and optimise your metal forming processes:
    • Determine the optimal amount & sequence of stages, and the process window with minimised material usage while ensuring a robust manufacturing process.
    • Identify & eliminate potential manufacturing errors.
    • Optimise tool life
  • Simplicity – No expert knowledge required, as the software solution is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive and process-oriented.
  • Sustainability – Save material, time and money by replacing expensive and time-consuming physical try-outs with virtual tests.

For more information about Simufact Forming:

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