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Fundamentals of Dynamic Analysis | MSC Nastran

Overview In static structural analysis, it is possible to describe the operation of MSC Nastran without a detailed discussion of the fundamental equations. Due to the several types of dynamic analyses and the different mathematical form of each, some knowledge of both the physics of dynamics and the manner in which the physics is represented …


Where can I learn more about MSC Nastran 2013?

MSC Nastran 2013 just came out, and I'm sure many of you would like to get ahead of the game by learning more. For a brief over view of the latest enhancements, you can read our MSC Nastran 2013 What's New Tech Brief. Technical descriptions of the enhancements can be found in the MSC Nastran …


Making Meshing Easier with Permanent Glued Contact | MSC Nastran

Relevant engineering software: MSC Nastran Challenge: To further analysis of finite element models, there are times when a mesh must be refined or modified in some way. Refining a mesh requires a large amount of time: Defining mesh transitions Aligning nodes so they are coincident Splitting elements Creating separate and detailed analysis models Note the …


What is Fatigue Analysis? | MSC Nastran

What is Fatigue? The first concept to understand before embarking on this tutorial is the definition of the term fatigue within the confines of this guide. Very often the terms Fatigue, Fracture, and Durability are used interchangeably. Each does, however, convey a specific meaning. Although many definitions can be applied to the word, for the …


Fatigue Analysis – 3 things to know about MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue

Time for faster fatigue analysis, join us in California in July or contact us to learn more about NEF.  MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue (NEF) offers a significantly improved way of fatigue analysis. When the traditional method and NEF were used to perform a fatigue analysis on this example, there were 3 significant benefits gained from using NEF for fatigue analysis. 96,793 nodes, 580,758 …