Addressing Vibro-Acoustics and Aero-Acoustics Phenomena

Addressing Vibro-Acoustics and Aero-Acoustics Phenomena

MSC Software’s acoustics software suite, Actran, is used by leading companies in various industries for improving the acoustic performance of their products. Actran provides solutions for simulating acoustics, vibro-acoustics, and aero-acoustics quickly, easily, and accurately. Under MSC’s technological umbrella (provided by the finite and infinite element method), Actran has powerful general purpose features together with innovative features for coupled aero-vibro-acoustics, turbomachinery noise, NVH of trimmed vehicle bodies and more.

Thanks to its wide range of capabilities and applications, Actran is used in various industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods or Shipbuilding. With its high performance solution and easy to use modeling environment, Actran offers engineers insight into the acoustic behavior of their products allowing design improvements early in the product development cycle.

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