Simulating extreme vehicle loads using Adams, and an invitation

Simulating extreme vehicle loads using Adams, and an invitation

In anticipation of the upcoming Adams Durability Symposium, Feb 23-25, 2021, we are summarizing a unique simulation example and is an example of what is to come at the symposium.

Adams is used to simulate ‘strength events’ or ‘peak loads’ where a vehicle is subjected to high impact instantaneous loads during its life cycle. One example of a ‘strength event’ is where an object impacts the underbody of the vehicle and causes large deformation.

Extreme Load Case: Pole Run Over

This load scenario is known as a “pole run over.” Engineers at BMW were interested in using simulation to study a vehicle chassis underbody subjected to “pole run over” events.

To achieve the required level of accuracy, engineers opted to use a combination of multibody dynamics (MBD) and finite element analysis (FEA). the expectation that the underbody would undergo large deformations during pole run over necessitated a nonlinear FE model. Engineers leveraged Adams to simulate the vehicle dynamics and the Marc to simulate the nonlinear deformation after impact. The Adams vehicle prototype consisted of 13 rigid subsystems and 11 deformable contact bodies. Following the simulation, a physical test was performed, and the results were compared with the simulations. The correlation of the simulated results against the test data confirmed that the simulation accurately captured the real-world scenario.

Adams Full Vehicle Model

This example is one of many Adams applications used by engineers to investigate durability norms. Read the full case study at the following link: Simulating Vehicle Extreme Load Cases with Adams-Marc Co-Simulation.

Contact Force Comparison: Physical Testing vs Co-Simulation Results

Learn more about Adams, the gold standard in multibody dynamics simulation, and virtual durability testing  at the upcoming Adams Durability Symposium.

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