Tackling Acoustic Challenges and Standards

Tackling Acoustic Challenges and Standards

Tough new noise standards, increasing pressure to innovate, and the expectation for shorter time to market without compromising quality and affordability are just a few of the challenges that acoustic engineers from every industry are facing today. Automotive engineers are faced with the demand from consumers to create lightweight vehicles, which creates obstacles for controlling noise, vibration and harshness. The heavy machinery and aerospace industries are always being challenged by government regulations to reduce the noise levels emitted by construction equipment and airplanes. Oil and gas engineers are tasked with reducing the volume of drilling and exploration equipment, but face the challenges associated with often harsh environments. Engineers who design devices such as microphones, speakers, handheld devices, and headphones are always being challenged by consumers to create better-sounding products.

Every industry faces unique acoustic challenges, but all share a common trait: gaining an understanding of their products’ acoustic behavior before an expensive prototype is built, and before that product goes to market, is business-critical. Doing so will dramatically reduce the testing process (from one year to three months for CNH Industrial), reduce the costs associated with expensive physical testing, and speed up the time to market.

To help engineers start to understand their products’ acoustic behavior, MSC is hosting a series of free seminars throughout the US. Each will be hosted by Dr. Jean-Louis Migeot, a world-renowned acoustician who serves as Chairman of the Belgian Royal Academy of Science, Professor of Acoustics at the University of Brussels, and CEO of Free Field Technologies. These educational seminars will begin with a broad overview of acoustics, then will review acoustic challenges from various industries and how they can be addressed using simulation.

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