Weight Reduction of an Engine Mount

Trelleborg is a global automotive supplier that offers sealing, damping, and protection solutions to the automotive industry. To reach their goal of complying with CO2 regulation, Trelleborg uses material modeling and simulation software.



  • To comply with CO2 regulations (2015: 130g   2020: 95g)
  • To reduce the average weight of a car by 200 kg in 2020
  • To reduce part costs by 25 %



  • In the context of the FIAPLAST program, RHODIA provided material models for PA6.6 glass fiber reinforced material via the MMI approach
  • Trelleborg performed coupled analyses of the injection molded part using Digimat, e-Xstream engineering’s material modeling and simulation tool
  • Virtually investigate stiffness, failure, crash and fatigue


At the end of the process, Trelleborg got good correlation FEA/test achieved for static and fatigue.

Not only was mass reduced by 40% with respect to initial design, but costs were also reduced by 15%.


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