Enhanced Productivity with Modeling and Simulation of Machinery Components


My son looks forward to summertime for many reasons, but he especially looks forward to making extra money by mowing lawns in the neighborhood. This summer he was excited about the new lawnmower I bought last summer, as it was going to make his job easier. One morning, our neighbor asked my son if he had time to mow his lawn. Next thing I hear, he says, “Mom, I’ll be back in 15 minutes.” He grabs the lawnmower out of the basement and puts gas in it. There he was mowing the lawn with a smile on his face, happy as could be. He was probably thinking about how he was going to spend the extra money he was making this morning. But soon that smile turned into a frown when he noticed that the blade was not cutting properly – the belt was slipping. He came over to me with a sad face. “Dad, the lawnmower is broken!” I opened the cover, inspected it closely and found that the belt drive had already lost some of its tension after one season of use. Looking at it from an engineer’s point-of-view, more testing of the tensioner’s performance should have been completed. What multi-body dynamic tools did the designers use to evaluate the performance of the belt drive? If they had used advanced motion analysis software, such as Adams/Machinery, the belt drive in the lawnmower would not have lost its tension so soon, and could have helped them optimize the tensioner without compromising the power requirements.

Adams/Machinery contains a set of productivity modules which allows engineers to accurately and quickly create and simulate the performance of machinery components like gear drives, belt drives, chain drives, bearings, cable systems and electric motors. Complete automation of the modeling process is done via a user friendly wizard interface and the interface is set inside the popular Adams/View environment. Here are the benefits for engineers and designers.


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Productivity Benefits:

  • An automated, wizard-driven model creation process for common mechanical parts, such as gears, belts, chains, bearings and cables for engineers/analysts producing ease-of-use and shorter learning curve
  • High-fidelity simulation of the above components by engineers/analysts resulting in more accurate results
  • Straightforward evaluation of results in Adams/Postprocessor
  • Enhanced productivity with incredibly quick model-solve-evaluate process times achieving shorter time to market








Current Modules:

As of Adams/Machinery 2013.2 Version, the following modules are available. Many more modules and modeling options are coming in the future releases.

  • Gear Module
  • Belt Module
  • Chain Module
  • Bearing Module
  • Cable Module
  • Electric Motor Module

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