SimAcademy Webinars – Marc


Question: Where can I find a list of SimAcademy Webinars for Marc?

Answer: Here is a list.

Article Webinar Title Presenter Webinar Date
WM1 Academic: Using Marc In University Courses And Research Involving Nonlinear Mechanics Dan Wolf 10/8/2009
WM4 Apply Local Adaptive Meshing For Improved Nonlinear Analysis Joe Satkunananthan 8/13/2009
WM28 Composites Capabilities In Marc Zhong Qin 2/11/2010
WM54 Marc Contact Analysis And The Corresponding Effective Parameter Settings Pei Gu 3/11/2010
WM65 Simulate Composite Damage And Delamination Using Marc And MSC Nastran T.Kim Parnell 4/22/2010
WM74 Tips And Tricks Troubleshooting Marc/SOL600 Models Pedro Chou 5/20/2010
WM91 Marc Global-Local Analysis Zhong Qin 8/5/2010
WM148 Marc Adaptive Mesh Refinement Apurav Sharma 11/14/2011
WM168 Hyperelastic material modeling and characterization in MSC Marc Fouad Hafiani 5/24/2012
WM188 Marc User Subroutine Pei Gu 7/4/2012
WM190 Crack Propagation Fatigue Soumik Chakrabarty 7/12/2012
WM217 Segment to Segment Contact in Marc Kiranraj Shetty 5/23/2013
WM219 Marc Material Model, Part I  Pei Gu 6/6/2013
WM229 Failure Analysis of Composite Structures Zhong Qin 9/26/2013
WM232 Marc Parallel processing setup and configuration Mrutyunjaya Angadi and Sunil Gaikwad 11/13/2013
WM233 Super-plastic forming of high specific strength Aluminum alloys Vinand Arabale 12/5/2013
WM235 Marc/Mentat Model Navigator Ehsan Mirnateghi 12/19/2013

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