Simufact Additive 2 – Optimizing the Process Chain for Metal AM Simulation

Simufact Additive 2 – Optimizing the Process Chain for Metal AM Simulation

Simufact Engineering, an MSC Software Company has released Simufact Additive 2, a new version of its simulation solution for metal-based additive manufacturing. Its new capabilities include:

Calibrating with cantilevers (physical testing) – a fast optimization algorithm calibrates the inherent strain values allowing for the accurate prediction of the distorted part. The unique set of strain values represent a particular combination of materials, machines, and scanning strategies that provides reliable simulations for complex additive components.

Individual positioning of parts in virtual build space – this release provides special handling to determine the most efficient positioning of parts on the base plate, and allows for iterations to be made that optimize the build-up orientation. Positioning the part is very intuitive due to the easy-to-use interface.

Support of orthotropic material properties – enables a more realistic representation of support structures stiffness. Coarser meshing provides reliable results in addition to faster calculation times.

Optimization of the additive process chain – an effective, fast optimization of the whole process chain, including printing, heat treatment, cutting/removing of supports, and HIP. With this new release, users are now able to stop and re-start the simulation process at any stage of the process chain. Each process step can be optimized separately based on the previous results.

Simulate HIP processes – densification of components can now be simulated. This process reduces porosity and provides longer life to products. 

Comparison with physical testing – the new release now enables users with a comparison of simulated parts with the target design, or with 3D measurement data as a reference.  Users can also evaluate deformations relative to the reference geometry.

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