What You Need to Know About Adams Real Time

What You Need to Know About Adams Real Time

Pictured Above: Adams Real Time Connected with DiM (Driver in Motion) driving simulator by VI-Grade.

MSC Adams has long been the automotive industry’s tool of choice for vehicle dynamics predictions. Now, with Adams Real Time, analysts can reuse the same base model for high fidelity off-line simulations, through SIL (Software-in-the-loop) to HIL (Hardware-in-the-loop) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) applications.

Before Adams Real Time, Adams Car users needed to convert the Adams model into a 3rd Party model before users could run the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation.

This workflow has 3 drawbacks:

1. The users need to prepare for 2 different sets of full vehicle models using 2 different tools

2. Reduced order 3rd party models couldn’t be converted back into the original Adams models

3. Users couldn’t do any components/topology changes in some of the 3rd party models

Workflow Without Adams Real Time Solution

With Adams Real Time, engineers can use one Adams model for both high-fidelity simulation and real time analysis. Combining 2 sets of models into one will drastically reduce the amount of work to convert one model into another, and improve the consistency between different departments.

Learn more about Adams Real Time here!

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