3 Reasons You Should Attend the 2017 NAFEMS World Congress

3 Reasons You Should Attend the 2017 NAFEMS World Congress


MSC Software is proud to be a silver sponsor of the NAFEMS World Congress. The congress is hosting the 3rd International Conference on Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM), as well as Manufacturing Process Simulation & Additive Manufacturing Symposium in Stockholm, Sweden on June 11-14.

Utilizing simulation during the product development cycle is becoming even more of an industry standard. NAFEMS World Congress brings together technology experts, academics, and software vendors alike. All engineers with an interest are invited to take part in the only truly independent, international forum dedicated to SPDM. MSC will be leading discussions in Additive Manufacturing, SPDM, Fatigue Life Optimization, Virtual Allowable Computation, Co-Simulation of FEA and MBD, and Advances in Automotive Simulations.

  1. Find out how the SPDM can support your product development
  2. Learn how simulation can support Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
  3. Learn how to embed analysis and simulation into the manufacturing culture within your organization


June 12

  • Simulation of Metal Additive Manufacturing – Track 1J, MSC/Simufact
  • Formability Simulation for Metallic Additive Manufacturing – Track 1J, MSC/Simufact
  • A Complete Design Process for a Complex Additively-Manufactured Titanium Part, Based on Component Fatigue Life Optimization, Manufacturing Simulation and Physical Text Correlation – Track 2J, Evotech/MSC
  • Managing Multi-Body Simulation Data and Processes Challenges and Trends – Track 1K, MSC
  • Multiscale Additive Manufacturing Simulation Solution From Material Engineering to Confident Lightweight Design – Track 3J, e-Xstream 

June 13

  • Virtual Allowable Computation to Speed-Up New CFRP Material Insertion – Track 5A, e-Xstream
  • Simulation Process & Data Management Applied to a System of Multi-Disciplinary Trade-Off in Context of Overall Aircraft Design – Track 5K, AIRBUS
  • SPDM Presentation – Track 6K, BMW Group
  • Integration of Manual and Automated Activities into a Commercial SPDM System – User Experience – Track 6K, ZF Friedrichshafen
  • Advances in Automotive Simulations: Acoustics, Dynamical Systems, Material Behavior, Manufacturing for Distributed Automotive Teams- Sponsor Session, MSC

June 14

  • Apex- Finite Element Simulation of the eRod Chassis – Track 8D, pinPlus
  • Ride and Handling of a Vehicle – FEA Tire Model, MBD Co-Simulation -Track 8G, MSC


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