4 Big Technology Trends of the Future, by Dominic Gallello

4 Big Technology Trends of the Future, by Dominic Gallello

I'm often asked what is the soul of MSC?  What goes into making great products that satisfy our users? I have to say the next 10 years will be amazing, especially in 4 areas.

  1. New Materials: For lighter, stronger, faster, cost efficient, and simply cooler products.
  2. Generative Design: Math generates optimal shapes not just for the part but how that part works in an entire assembly.
  3. Additive Manufacturing: Manufacturing will move from subtractive with terms like turning, boring, drilling and milling, to additive where parts can be printed virtually anywhere at any time.
  4. Autonomous Vehicle Simulation: Reliable autonomous vehicles cannot be rolled out in mass unless a huge amount of virtual testing takes place in the coming years.

There is no better way to plan our strategy than being constantly with our users who are bringing to life their new ideas for cars, for planes, and machines years before they will ever be shown to the public. We have to execute. We work really hard to create an optimal work and IT environment to collaborate on four continents on hugely complex projects- that we have to deliver to our customers in an intuitive and easy-to-use, but very powerful applications. We set for new projects, really big almost unachievable goals that force new solutions. The past is simply not good enough. Innovation wakes up and excites our company.


The next disruptive technology for simulation? Artificial intelligence. It's been around for 30 years. Why now? Computers are now fast enough. This year we challenged all of our product development teams to insert machine learning into their products. Autonomous vehicle simulation is a great example of artificial intelligence as a must have. To safely operate fully autonomous vehicles with high confidence, we are not even close.

It will take many more miles of real-world and simulated testing and artificial intelligence is the key to achieve the level of safety that we must have at the hands of a machine. We are developing technologies to simulate a billion miles of driving per day including rare events. It is simply impossible to physically test all of the dangerous situations that will arise. The future is going to be amazing and simulation is going to be more important than ever to deliver on the promise. I thank you for your continued partnership, as we go on this amazing journey together.

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