SimAcademy – Aeroelastic Response Analysis | MSC Nastran [Video]


Question: Where can I learn more about Aeroelastic Response in MSC Nastran?

Answer: You can watch this SimAcademy webinar Aeroelastic Response Analysis.

Here is a preview of the SimAcademy Webinar.

Details of the webinar

An overview of SOL 146 aeroelastic response analysis will be presented to demonstrate the use of frequency and time domain prediction of a simple wind tunnel flutter model. The model description and actual flutter test model results are documented in the following reference (Tuovila, W. J. and John Locke McCarty, Experimental Flutter Results from Cantilever-Wing Models at Mach Numbers Up to 3.0, NACA RM L55E11, Langley Aeronautical Laboratory, Langley Field, Va., June 14, 1955). The MSC Nastran Aeroelastic Analysis User's Guide Section 8.6 also documents the 15 degree swept wing model with constant chord and compares the predicted results of the KE-method of flutter analysis with the experimental results. This same model will be used with SOL 146 to obtain responses for:

  • The time domain at two distinct forward velocities (below and near the flutter velocity) for an abrupt angle of attack change
  • The frequency domain at the same two velocities resulting from an abrupt angle of attack change
  • Random gust response results at the same two velocities.

Comparison of the results for the two forward velocities may be used to show the onset of a potential instability.

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