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Multibody Dynamics Integrated with Simulation Process and Data Management

  Today, manufacturing firms are avoiding iterative and costly physical testing processes by implementing CAE tools into their engineering cycle. They only produce few or sometimes no prototypes at all and they easily test the products’ durability, noise and vibration harshness (NVH), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and morewith these tools during the design process. Particularly …


Adams Car Integration with Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM)

To avoid iterative tests and multiple design changes to physical prototypes, engineers today use simulation software. Adams Car is a system dynamics solution that allows car manufacturers to build and test functional virtual prototypes of the complete vehicle under various road conditions and design changes. Adams Car’s architecture is based on databases of CDBs, which …


Improved Engineering Productivity Through Use of Engineering Lifecycle Management Software

With CAE driving the design process at Ashok Leyland, the types of simulations performed as part of the vehicle development process is growing rapidly. Multiple simulation tools are required to address each of the different domains involved in vehicle development. Each tool requires a fairly complex process in which the user develops a model, inputs various engineering data, performs an analysis, reviews the results and authors a report to support design decisions. Ashok Leyland previously automated some of these steps for a few simulation tools using macros and scripts, but these point solutions were difficult to ensure the usage and maintain. The previous process relied upon the skills of the individual analysts writing the scripts. These automations were not always shared, versioned or used consistently among engineering groups, resulting in inconsistent results from one analyst to another and lacked traceability. The lack of a common simulation structure meant that it was difficult to locate the results and understand the reasons for previous decisions, so work often had to be duplicated.

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