Fatigue Analysis – Manually Moving 200 Gigs of Stress Files


Learn about MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue

It’s not fun for sure, but there is a great alternative.

Traditionally, a fatigue analysis involves moving stress results from an FEA program to a fatigue program.

You could be:

  • Copying and pasting large, perhaps 200Gb in size, intermediate files from folder to folder and program to program
  • Or automating the moving by use of some GUI 

Moving these large files results in:

  • Having to take care of large intermediate files
  • Long fatigue analysis cycles
  • Models that are highly difficult to share with colleagues


The  New Alternative in MSC Nastran 2013
Now consider if the FEA solver did both the stress and fatigue calculation:

  • There are no intermediate files to move
  • Fatigue analysis is faster
  • Exchaning analysis models involves just one file


MSC Nastran 2013 is the first to offer such a capability.

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Learn about MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue

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