Generative design habit 6: Design for manufacturability

Generative design habit 6: Design for manufacturability

Despite the design freedom of AM, there are many things to take into account when designing a part for this technology. Manufacturing parts accurately requires certain design aspects. If they are not properly considered, there is a high risk of errors during manufacturing, which can be costly, as each production run in AM is quite expensive. Thus, it’s important to ensure manufacturability. This starts with the design of a part, for which thoroughly embedded manufacturing know-how should be integrated as a design constraint. It also relies on proper working design algorithms and error-free data export to receive high-quality data as an input for manufacturing.

A combination of Generative Design and manufacturing simulation is the best option to prevent any failures, while ensuring optimal output. The key to achieving this is seamless data exchange, combined with high-quality data. MSC Apex Generative Design generates part designs that are perfectly tailored for AM, and can easily be processed further with MSC Software’s manufacturing simulations to achieve perfect 3D printing first time, saving resources and money.

This blog series will explain briefly “The 7 stages of highly effective Generative Design”. Follow us in the coming weeks to learn more about it!

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