How to facilitate Aeroacoustics CAE

How to facilitate Aeroacoustics CAE

Today’s CAE-led product developments require to cope with Multiphysics problems to deliver innovative and comfortable new products. While the technical skillset of individuals is constantly expanding, computational aided engineering (CAE) tools need to allow them to efficiently deploy multidisciplinary numerical analyses.

In aeroacoustics designs workflows, acoustics and noise have been commonly treated as secondary concerns, usually assessed at the last stages of design. Consequently, the desired aerodynamic performance does not necessarily translate into a suitable solution on the acoustic comfort level and vice-versa.

To answer these challenges, a novel workflow integrating CFD solution scFLOW and Finite Elements (FE) based acoustic software Actran inside one single graphical user interface has been developed. Starting from a common geometry, both CFD and aero-acoustic FE models can be created. Both unsteady CFD and steady CFD based aero-acoustic prediction methods are available, providing final users with a comprehensive toolkit for fast design comparisons and precise performance assessments.

Join this webcast on 20th October to learn about…

  • What are CAE Aeroacoustics challenges and solutions
  • How to combine the latest scFLOW & Actran releases through demos and application reviews

Who should attend?

  • CAE Managers
  • Aerodynamics & Aeroacoustics engineers
  • CFD engineers
  • NVH engineers
The webinar is expected to last for 45 min. Following the webinar, you will be able to join in a live Q&A to have your specific questions answered.

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